Our milestones so far – how we grow everyday

The EFYE Education is not even two years old and yet so much has happened already – not least because of the amazing support that we received from near and far. We are looking forward to further developments and growing together. Here are some insights into our past years and months:

January / 2020

Expansion of the EFYE Education Centre

Since the beginning of 2020, we have the opportunity to take in more children. In the course of the year, the EFYE Education Centre will grow up to about 80 children with two additional teachers. Accordingly, additional furniture and school material is being purchased.

June / 2019

Logo and school uniforms

Having settled into day-to-day school life with 50 children, we found time for designing some details of our school. We created a school logo, painted the outside fence in our EFYE colours, designed a banner for the school and had a school uniform made for every child. Now, the children do not just feel like a school community internally but can also be recognized as such externally. 


Mai 2020

Moving into the new school premises

Im Mai 2019 war es dann endlich soweit: Wir konnten in die von uns frisch renovierte Schule einziehen mit tollen und motivierten Lehrkräften sowie neu erworbenen Schulmaterialien.

April / 2019 

Renovation and set up

After a short planning period we started looking for suitable premises for the EFYE Education Centre and found them in a protestant community hall at the edge of the slum of Mathare. We had to renovate the whole building and to equip every room with school furniture ordered from local artisans.

NOV / 2018

Foundation of the EFYE Education Centre

Since the end of 2018, the EFYE Education Centre is registered as a government-accredited pre-primary and primary school. We started with around 35 pupils, together with the desire for equal educational opportunity for all children.